The Entities of the Foundation

The Foundation Council:

The foundation council is the most important organ of the foundation. It consists of the three members Thomas Mann, Friedhelm Ost as well as Christian Schwarz-Schilling, chairman of the foundation council.


Supporting the foundation council, executive manager Eva Maria Durstewitz-Marschall closely co-operates with the chairman and provides advice in terms of content and political science.


In the foundation council, all basic decisions are made, the activities are co-ordinated, and all content of the foundation work is agreed upon. The members have meetings on a regular basis and keep a continual communication.


The Board:

The board of the foundation is legally represented by DSZ - Deutsches Stiftungszentrum GmbH (Ltd). The board has no function in performing the activities or in determining the content of the foundation work but it administers the foundation and represents it judicially.